Man with two penises launches book

man with two penises

A man who claims to suffer from an extremely rare medical condition in which he was born with two penises has penned a tongue-in-cheek memoir titled 'Double Header'. The 25-year-old anonymous author shot into the limelight in January after he uploaded pictures of his genitalia to Reddit using the username DoubleD*ckDude.

Despite going public about his extra appendage the openly bisexual man - apparently blighted by a syndrome known as diphallia - refuses to reveal his identity because he says life would 'never, ever be the same.' 'The best way and easiest way to explain it is like this: If Superman revealed to the world he was Clark Kent, he would never ever be left alone,' he told Rolling Stone magazine. He continued: 'If I went public and on camera, from that moment on I'd be the guy with two dicks, not me'.

In his new 76-page tell-all, the man talks about the highs and lows of living with diphallia. The condition - where a boy is born with two fully-functioning penises, each capable of operating independently - affects around one in every six million boys in the U.S. Most have one genital removed at an early age, but the man behind Double Header did not. His mother had suffered two miscarriages before his birth in the summer of 1989 and was 'terrified' that surgery could result in another premature death.

The man revealed on Reddit that he was glad his parents decided against intervention, adding: 'Besides the ego boost it really makes a person feel special knowing there is likely no one else like you alive right now.' He also said his family were supportive during his 'hellish' teenage years, reassuring him that he was 'unique' and not a 'freak show'. The man, believed to be American, previously revealed in an 'Ask Me Anything' thread that he has one pair of testicles which split into two fully-formed penises that are individually able to achieve erection and climax.

The unnamed man, who now has a boyfriend after being in a bisexual polyamorous relationship with a man and woman, explained that he could urinate or ejaculate simultaneously. In his new memoir he details how having diphallia has led to a range of sexual encounters with more than 1,000 men and women.

He told Rolling Stone that sometimes he likes to 'surprise' his bed partners, which doesn't always go well and women are always more judgmental than men. He claims that heterosexuals have also been curious enough to take part in encounters. He added that having an extra penis has opened him up to orgies, as he can use both at the same time, with two different lovers or the same person. When Reddit users asked him about his most memorable sexual encounter he detailed an act involving six other people - three women and three men.

One of the only downsides of his condition, he said, was that it means his prostate gets full of seminal fluid that has to be released every few days. When he was younger a urologist would perform the procedure, which involves reaching inside his anus and pressing on the prostate, but he said he can clear it himself now or has his boyfriend do it.

The man says that coming out about his unusual anatomy has allowed him to connect with other people feeling lonely and lost. He hopes that his new memoir - printed with the pen name Diphallic Dude - will encourage readers to embrace body acceptance. 'With so much negativity in the world, the ability to bring something positive to the table is a great feeling,' he added.

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