How to lose a guy in 6 minutes

how to lose a guy

A new study revealed that an average man gets bored after only 360 seconds of chatting with his woman.

According to a Ladbrokes-commissioned survey carried out among 2,000 adults, the average man can stand just six minutes of his woman's witterings about her lunch, her stars and her feelings. By contrast, he can pay attention for an entire fifteen minutes' conversation with mates about football or their sex lives.

The study found they will happily talk with a friend about sport, which proved the most popular topic for more than half the men questioned, followed by chats on films and sex. Relationships was the favourite theme among women, with 55 per cent saying it was their favourite topic of conversation.

The worst time to expect a men's attention is while he is watching sport, channel flicking or playing an app. According to the study, top 10 topics men tune out of are:
1. Talk about people they've never met
2. Partner's workmates
3. Celebrities or reality stars
4. Fashion/shopping
5. Other people's relationships
6. What's been said/done on Facebook
7. Horoscopes
8. What partner had for lunch
9. Partner's feelings
10. Dieting/nutrition

About 55 per cent of women say they regularly test their partner to check whether or not he's listening. More than a third said the most common sign their partner isn't listening is when they take far too long to respond to a question. The second most common indicator is a flurry of blank or glazed expressions, while more than a quarter said it's noticeable when they can't take their eyes off their phone, tablet or the television.

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