Rihanna pregnant?

Rihanna pregnant

Rihanna is reportedly pregnant with her first child. Speculations are high that the pop star is pregnant with former boyfriend Drake's baby. However, the news has not yet been confirmed by the singer, who dismissed similar reports in April.

According to Media Make Out, 'the news is not a rumour and it's 100% certified fact'. The website claims that the news has been confirmed by 'two separate sources' and one source explained that the singer is currently working on her new song which is about 'the baby growing inside me'.

They claim that Rihanna reportedly no longer smokes weed or parties the way she used to. Additionally, they cite multiple occasions where RiRi has turned down alcohol and she banned smoking inside her recording studio.

The 26 year old pop star has been linked with several men from the entertainment industry and had a bitter breakup with rapper Chris Brown. Later, she was rumoured to be dating rapper Drake for some time while some reports claimed that Drake could be the father of the baby. If she is pregnant, of course...

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