man with two penises

Man with two penises launches book

A man who claims to suffer from an extremely rare medical condition in which he was born with two penises claims he had sex with 1,000 people. [...]

how to lose a guy

How to lose a guy in 6 minutes

A new study revealed that an average man gets bored after only 360 seconds of chatting with his woman. [...]

you are sexy

You're sexy or you're out

An international dating site has rejected over 7.5 milion aplicants, because it accepts only people voted 'beautiful' by other members. [...]

the perfect gift

The perfect gift

Nicki Minaj looks sexier than ever in her new 2015 calendar. The Queen of Hip Hop decided to tease more than just her highly anticipated album, The Pinkprint, but a very hot calendar. [...]

Rihanna is she

Rihanna - is she...?

Rihanna is reportedly pregnant with her first child. Speculations are high that the pop star is pregnant with former boyfriend Drake's baby. However, the news has not yet been confirmed by the singer, who dismissed similar reports in April. [...]

they refused a threesome

They refused a threesome

A French woman was given a 12 month suspended prison sentence and told to seek treatment for her heavy drinking after she tried to have sexual intercourse with two plumbers who had visited her house to mend a leak. [...]

male control pill

First male control pill

Scientists from an Indonesian university claims they have developed a male birth control pill which is '99 per cent effective' and has few side effects. The pill, derived from an Indonesian shrub, apparently allows men to produce sperm that cannot get women pregnant. [...]

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